Satchels of Gold (cattyhunts) wrote in p0rnstar100,
Satchels of Gold


Why must I be 18 to join?
It's not my rule. It's lj's. Apparently, they are cracking down on adult related comms that have members who are either younger than 18, and/or don't have their FULL birthdays in their userinfos.

I've joined, I'm over 18, and my full birthday is in my userinfo. How come I haven't been accepted yet
I'm probably away from the computer when you clicked the join button. Once I get back online and check your userinfo, I'll add you.

How many people can I claim?
For right now, because the comm is so small, just one. Hopefully, once we get bigger, I'll raise it to two claims per person.

I want to claim (Jenna, Janine, Ashton, etc), but someone else has her. Can I still do her as well?
No, you must wait till the person who is currantly doing that star to finish, then you can claim them.

Do you have a waiiting list for who has what?
No I don't. Again, it's first come, first serve. Sorry.

Do I have to post all 100 icons at the same time?
No. Take your time. Make as many or as little posts as you want with your claims.

Can I post a teaser in my posts?
Yes, you may.

I'm new to posting. How do I make an lj-cut?
It's explained here.

Seeing how the comm is about Porn Star icons, are nude icons allowed?
Yes, as long as they have a disclaimer stating that there is nudity in the icons.
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