Satchels of Gold (cattyhunts) wrote in p0rnstar100,
Satchels of Gold

Well, little by little this community is growing, and for that I'm glad.

For all the new members here are a few helpful links:

The FAQ - the rules, regulations, and info about this here comm

Claims List I've notice a lof of y'all have joined, but no one is claiming. Don't be shy, pick a star *who isn't taken*, and claim her or him to make icons of. Only three people are taken so far, so that leaves PLENTY of others to claim. Just to go this post to reply with who you want. :)

Banner Makers anyone? p0rnstar100 is in need of banner makers. Now the banners I'm talking about is the ones given to people after they finish all 00 icons of their claimed actor/actress. IF you are interested, please feel free to sign up to be a banner maker.

Other helpful links and info can be found on this comm's userinfo.

Please feel free to have a look around and be active in the comm.


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